Types of Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs in Canada

A heavy equipment operator is a person that drives/operates heavy equipment used in various construction and engineering projects. The type of equipment classified as heavy can include bulldozers, cranes, hoists, pumps, compressors and front-end loaders. In order to operate this machinery, the operator needs to receive appropriate training including extensive safety and health training.

If you are considering entering the heavy equipment profession and are wondering what types of heavy equipment operator jobs in Canada are available, here is some information that can help. You will find various types of these jobs in all cities and towns in Canada.

Types Of Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs in Canada

There may be certain places where specific types of heavy equipment jobs are far more prevalent. For example:

  • You’ll find massive industrial cranes at seaports. This is where big cargo ships dock and unload their goods.
  • Some larger cities are major hubs for tractor-trailers.
  • If you see many tractor trailers near loading docks, you will find there are also forklifts operating there.
  • Large construction sites use heavy equipment like dump trucks, loaders, and They also use excavators for digging foundations of structures etc.
  • In regions where logging is a popular industry, heavy duty logging equipment may be used.
  • Oil tankers are also commonly found near the seaports where petroleum is exported/imported.

If you want one of these heavy equipment operator jobs in Canada, you will have to be trained on the equipment that you’ll be operating every day.

The Best Source Of Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs in Canada

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